By Mike Pomranz and Mike Pomranz /
September 27, 2016
Japan Has A Bar That's A Giant Ball Pit
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Part of why we drink (I’ll speak for all of us drinkers right now) is to take some of the stress out of adult life. Not that getting tipsy makes you feel like a kid again, but at least it’s a socially acceptable way to blow off some steam – unlike, say, reverting to an actual childlike state and jumping into a giant ball pit. A bunch of lawyers and accountants hanging out in a ball pit would definitely earn some quizzical stares outside of the context of Burning Man.

But what if you took that very adult thing – alcohol – and served it in the ball pit?

That’s the idea behind Osaka, Japan’s recently opened Ball Pool Bar Dive (don’t ask me why the words are in that order) – a concept that will make kids-at-heart overjoyed and turn San Franciscans green with envy being that they had a ball pit bar, but it was only a two-day pop up. Ball Pool Bar Dive is here to stay (or at least here as along as a ball pit bar can stay in business).

According to Kotaku, “Dive doesn’t have any tables or chairs, just a giant pit filled with over 20,000 colorful orbs for patrons to plunge into. There are all-you-can-drink rates for sixty to ninety minutes depending on the day, and the booze is served with lids so people don’t spill them in the ball pit.” Seems like they got it all figured out – other than how you’re supposed to safely get some dude who had been drinking as much as possible for 90 minutes out of a room full of destabilizing balls.

Of course, we could sit here and think of plenty of potential pitfalls with this plan, but people drink booze in pools all the time, and I don’t see this being any better or worse than that. Just different. For example, if you drop your phone in a pool, it will be easier to find, but it will also be more damaged once you do retrieve it. The moral: Life, like getting out of a ball pit while hammered, is a delicate balance.