Make sure you stay out of the line of fire.
Lumberjaxe ax throwing beer bar usa
Credit: Courtesy of Lumberjaxe

It's not unusual to find a bar with dart boards, pool tables, or vintage arcade games. But for some bar hoppers, those activities just aren’t extreme enough.

Fortunately, people seeking a serious adrenaline kick with their brew can now try axe-throwing. No matter who you are or where you come from, virtually nothing will make you feel more primal than taking a swig of beer while throwing a hatchet at a wall.

At places like Lumberjaxe, a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, indoor axe-throwing is the name of the game. The rules are similar to darts, with players aiming for a bullseye in the middle of a board.

Lumberjaxe ax throwing beer bar usa
Credit: Courtesy of Lumberjaxe

Many facilities like this are BYOB, while others sell their own beer, according to Afar. If the mere idea of mixing axe-throwing and alcohol idea is making you nervous, there are axe-throwing coaches keeping a close eye on customers' behavior.

Lumberjaxe is not alone in the trend. The Canadian company Bad Axe Throwing is also making a name for itself (a location just opened in Indianapolis, for example). According to Afar, Toronto bartender and actor Matt Wilson opened what’s credited as the first commercial indoor arena in 2011.

Now, there are also Bad Axe facilities throughout the United States.

As long as you’re strong enough to control the axe, you’re welcome to try a throw. Coaches teach three throws: one-handed, two-handed, and underhand, just in case you feel squeamish holding a hatchet over your head.

And don’t assume it’s all burly men getting in on the trend. As Afar reported, more than 60 percent of Bad Axe’s clients are women. Often times, the game is great for stress reduction. Letting off steam is always a good thing.

Many of these facilities — if you can find one in your city — are available to groups by the hour, so you don’t have to worry about walking into a crowded bar and dodging axes over your head anytime soon. There are currently plans to open an axe-throwing bar and restaurant in Melbourne, because it's already been such a hit in Sydney.