All avocado, all the time.

Credit: Courtesy of Avocaderia

Avocado lovers can now head to the world’s first avocado bar, officially opening in Brooklyn on April 7.

Claiming to be the world’s first quick-serve avocado bar, Avocaderia will be serving the creamy fruit on every single item on its menu when it opens at Brooklyn's Industry City in Sunset Park this Friday.

Credit: Courtesy of Avocaderia

Visitors will be able to sink their teeth into a wide variety of avocado toasts, with toppings ranging from beets and hummus to poached eggs.

Avocaderia’s menu, which will change based on seasonal ingredients to offer fresh selections, is divided into four different categories: toasts, smoothies, salads and bowls, and specials.

Credit: Courtesy of Avocaderia

The specials, which will change on a monthly basis, include selections like their quinoa bowl, garnished with avocado mash, and sandwiches topped with avocado and sprinkled with a creamy yogurt and fresh herbs.

While there’s no meat on the menu, customers will find fish selections that include smoked salmon and fresh tuna that will be used to make the spot’s avocado mango ceviche in the summertime.

The idea for the restaurant came when co-owner Francesco Brachetti moved to Mexico and discovered his love of avocados.

Credit: Courtesy of Avocaderia

Now, Brachetti is infusing the popular fruit into every single one of his creations, alongside co-founder Alessandro Biggi and chef Alberto Gramini.

All of the avocados used in Avocaderia’s dishes will be organic and grown in the Mexican state of Michoacán.

Prices will range from $7 for basic toasts and smoothies to $14 for more complex toast selections and salads topped with seafood.