Meal on airplane food tray table
Credit: Aureliy/Getty Images

Love it or hate it, if you find yourself on a long flight you’re probably going to encounter some version of airplane food. And while airlines around the world are trying to up their game when it comes to plane food (no pun intended), reviews of it are usually mixed across the board. But thanks to a popular new Instagram account, the world can decide just how good your in-flight meal looks.

The account, @airplanefoodselfie, has a simple concept: send in your best photos of airplane food with the date and flight number, and the account might repost. Followers of the account — there are currently more than 10,000 — can then rank your meal on a scale of 1 to 10 in the comments.

While the voting component of the account is certainly fun, the true magic is getting to see the differences between meals in varying classes of cabins and airlines. For example, Etihad Airways’ International First Class option has more pieces of china and glassware than most New Yorkers have in their apartments. Plus a glass of wine and champagne? Tens across the board.

But let’s be real. Most of us are more used to the nerve-wracking cries of “chicken or pasta?” echoing throughout the back of the plane, so this, er, dish from United makes us feel right at home. Is it even an airplane meal without a plastic wrapped dinner roll? Not in my momma’s house. Or as one commenter said, “3 looks like a TV dinner.”

Cabin class aside, one fun aspect of compiling photos of airplane food from around the world is the opportunity to see different cuisines and cultures manifested in a dish that can be assembled and served from a compact and utilitarian airplane galley. This Business Class Bento Box from Japan airlines is a great example of local customs and airline utility.

But seriously, whatever you’re eating, share so we can see what people are eating 30,000 feet above us. Unless you’re eating this British Airways dessert, because that’s just straight up bragging.