This Under-$100 Tabletop Fireplace Makes My Home Feel Like a Luxury Ski Resort

It’s easy and safe to use indoors, compact and portable, provides more warmth than you’d think, and helps me wind down at the end of the day.

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 FLKR Fire The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace


While some find winter depressing, it’s my favorite season. It’s the perfect time to go skiing, spend time at a cabin upstate, and best of all, huddle around the warmth of a glowing campfire. Because I love snowy cabins, I decided to make the inside of my home feel like an upscale ski resort, getting one step closer to the mountains without actually leaving my home. And this indoor tabletop fireplace helps me accomplish this. 

The Flikr fireplace is first and foremost a breeze to use. All you have to do is add isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, to the hole in the center, and drop in a match. A clean burning flame ignites, and stays for about an hour maximum, until the alcohol depletes itself or until you snuff it out with the lid. The flame itself is silent, but dances beautifully within its contained area. It’s easy to imagine myself around a fire pit in a cabin upstate, surrounded by friends and the stars above. 

 FLKR Fire The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace

To buy:, $99

What’s more, it’s also safe for the indoors, which I find relaxing on a whole different level. Because of its sturdy design and the fuel it uses, you just have to open a window a little bit, which is fine even on chilly days since this thing gives off more heat than you’d expect. And Amazon shoppers who call it an “immediate favorite item” agree: “I often light it when the room is a little chilly, and I'm surprised how much I can feel the warmth.” It’s also even food safe, which means reaping the benefits of a tiny fire pit: tiny s’mores. In fact, one reviewer wrote: “It's a nice open flame for roasting marshmallows or just for the ambience and a little warmth.”

While I do have a “normal” fireplace, I love how with the FLIKR tabletop version, I can just turn it on for an hour or two to relax at the end of the day or over the weekend. I’m not alone, either. One shopper enjoys the relaxing atmosphere it creates so much they shared, “At the end of a busy work day, nothing is quite as nice as winding down with a book and my Flikr Fire.” And those who don’t have fireplaces especially appreciate this indoor tabletop model: “A little sophisticated piece and a nice option for indoors if you don't have a fireplace but want a little experience.”

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 FLKR Fire The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace

Travel + Leisure / Daniel Modlin

Even when the flame isn’t lit, it’s a nice conversation piece and doubles as a chic piece of decor. As one shopper noted, “I like it almost as much when it’s not lit as when it is.” It does have a certain industrial feeling that goes well with minimalist decor. But even still, it would go well in just about any room. It is thoughtfully designed beyond the concrete as well. The quartz base that helps disperse heat is lined with felt so the concrete won’t scratch a glass table. And it comes in a round shape (although I have the square version), like an oversized candle. 

Plus, it’s compact and portable, making it easy to travel with, should the occasion rise. And it makes the ultimate cozy gift for the holidays or even as a wedding present. One reviewer said, “We love using it when we have guests ver. Also love taking it to the beach or mountains! Such an amazing house warming gift as well!”

I’ve started incorporating mine into my routine, from morning coffee to winding down with a cocktail at the end of the night. Instead of lighting my big fireplace up once a month, I find myself using this several times a week. And when I do, I imagine I’m still on vacation, curled up near a fire at my favorite ski resort. For just under $100, I can feel like being on vacation without even leaving my house thanks to this tabletop fireplace

At the time of publishing, the price was $99 .

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