By Talia Avakian
November 27, 2018
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Credit: Sanchai Loongroon/Getty Images

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday both bring a slew of travel deals each year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is often the best day to score cheap flights to the greatest variety of destinations, according to fare prediction app Hopper.

Travel Deal Tuesday brings a range of flight deals offered directly by airlines and by booking platforms, with some of the top deals including up to half off round-trip flights.

Travelers will find a range of domestic deals and plenty of discounts to international locales. Many of the top deals we spotted on the Hopper app were to some of Asia's most popular destinations.

Deals to Japan, Travel + Leisure's 2018 Destination of the Year, are discounted at 50 percent off, according to Hopper, with flights starting at $394 round-trip from Los Angeles to Okinawa, $412 round-trip from Los Angeles to Osaka, and $502 round-trip from San Francisco to Osaka.

Deals to Tokyo also start at $448 round-trip (down 30 percent) from Los Angeles and at $489 round-trip (down 50 percent) from New York City. The deals are available for travel dates from January through May 2019, giving travelers a chance to enjoy the country’s prime skiing and winter scenery, plus smaller crowds and discounted hotels during its slower tourist season from January through March.

Discounted flight prices to Bangkok, Thailand include $429 round-trip flights from San Francisco, $460 round-trip flights from Los Angeles, $469 round-trip from New York City, and $540 round-trip flights from Seattle.

Travelers will also find flights to Beijing starting at $399 round-trip from Los Angeles, $468 round-trip from Dallas and Phoenix, $482 round-trip from Denver, and $525 round-trip from Chicago.

Flights to Shanghai start at $391 round-trip from Los Angeles, $461 round-trip from Seattle, $513 round-trip from Phoenix, $516 round-trip from Denver, $549 round-trip from Portland, $554 round-trip from Chicago, $557 round-trip from Washington, D.C., and $568 round-trip from Dallas.

There are also flights starting at $457 round-trip and $470 round-trip to Phuket from Los Angeles and New York, respectively, while flights to Seoul start at $407 round-trip from Los Angeles, $491 round-trip from Seattle, and $498 round-trip from San Francisco.

Travelers will also find flights for under $500 round-trip to Manila, Taipei, Bali, Ho Chi Minh, and Hong Kong from a variety of U.S. cities, and deals to India starting at $490 round-trip from San Francisco.

Passengers will want to act fast to snag the deals. The best way to find them right now is using Hopper's Travel Deal Tuesday search function in its app for the top deals of the day, and you can also try searching your desired dates and destination with Google Flights.

And once you book your flights, you may want to head to Orbitz to save up to 50 percent on hotels or to to save up to 40 percent before their sales end too.