By Talia Avakian
February 05, 2019
Tomasz Zajda/Getty Images

If you missed Southwest Airline's last sale, the airline is back with another round of savings for travelers looking to book winter and spring vacations.

The airline is offering a variety of domestic and international deals, with one-way domestic flights starting as low as $49.

A majority of the $49 one-way deals are available on short-haul routes that include flights between Burbank and San Jose, Long Beach and San Jose, and Sacramento and San Diego.

Flights from Oakland and San Francisco to Las Vegas start at $51 one-way, while $59 one-way deals include trips between Burbank and San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, and Los Angeles and San Francisco.

There are also deals ranging from $60 to $70 available between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. and Rhode Island, Atlanta and Nashville, Burbank and Salt Lake City, Chicago and Cincinnati, and El Paso and Denver.

Flights from Washington, D.C. to Boston start at $70 one-way, while additional deals include $73 one-way flights between Los Angeles and Portland, $82 one-way flights between Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale, $85 one-way flights between Atlanta and Orlando, $86 one-way flights between Austin and New Orleans, and $88 one-way flights from Chicago to Louisville.

Those looking to visit Chicago can fly for $91 one-way from New York and $99 one-way from Burbank, while those in Atlanta will find a variety of deals that include $91 one-way flights to Boston, $92 one-way flights to Houston, $96 one-way flights to Tampa, and $93 one-way flights to West Palm Beach.

Travelers will also find international flights to destinations like Belize City, Belize, with flights starting at $103 one-way from Fort Lauderdale and $141 one-way from Houston.

Deals to Cabo San Lucas start at $120 one-way from Los Angeles, $160 one-way from Denver, and $173 one-way from Houston, while deals to Cancun start at $101 one-way from Fort Lauderdale, $140 one-way from Houston, $168 one-way from Atlanta, and $183 one-way from Austin.

There are also flights to Havana, Cuba, starting at $106 one-way from Tampa and at $111 one-way from Fort Lauderdale.

Travelers will need to book by Feb. 7 to snag the savings, with domestic deals available for travel between Feb. 26 and May 22, and international deals available for travel between April 23 and May 16 of 2019.