Southwest Has $44 U.S. Flights Right Now — but You'll Have to Act Fast (Video)

Travelers who act fast can book a spring trip starting as low as $44 one-way, thanks to Southwest’s latest sale.

The airline is currently running a flash sale, offering a variety of cheap domestic and international one-way flights to take now through May.

Domestic flights start as low as $44 one-way, with some of the top deals available across shorter routes like those between Las Vegas and Long Beach, while flights between Burbank and San Jose, and between Sacramento and San Diego, start at $49 one-way.

Fly to destinations like Nashville for less with Southwest's latest sale.
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West coasters can fly from Burbank to San Francisco for $59 one-way, while flights from Atlanta to Orlando start at $50 one-way.

There are also deals from Atlanta to Nashville for $67 one-way, deals from Cincinnati to Chicago for $69 one-way, and deals from El Paso to Denver for $69 one-way.

For a bit higher, travelers can also fly from Boston to Nashville for $70 one-way, from Atlanta to Boston at $72 one-way, from Boston to Chicago at $72 one-way, and from Burbank to Portland at $72 one-way.

International deals are available to a variety of destinations that include Belize City, Belize, with flights starting at $141 one-way from Houston.

There are also flights to Cabo San Lucas that start at $110 one-way from San Diego, at $126 one-way from Los Angeles, and at $159 one-way from Houston.

From Florida, travelers can head to Havana, Cuba, for $106 one-way from Tampa and for $111 one-way from Fort Lauderdale, while additional Fort Lauderdale deals include $97 one-way flights to Cancun and $71 one-way flights to Grand Cayman.

Travelers will need to be quick, as bookings are only available through today, Jan. 31, though they can travel domestically anytime between Feb. 19 and May 22, and internationally between April 23 and May 16.

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