Southwest's Birthday Sale Has $49 Flights Around the U.S. (and $81 Flights to the Caribbean)

Grand Cayman Island
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Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 48th birthday with a sale, offering domestic deals starting at just $49 one-way and international getaways that start at $81 one-way.

The deals are for travel between the U.S. between Sep. 3 and Dec. 18 and internationally between Sep. 3 and Dec. 11.

The $49 one-way deals are available for flights between select destinations including Atlanta and Nashville, Burbank and San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego, and San Jose and Long Beach. There are also $49 flights between Oahu (Honolulu), Maui (Kahului), and the Island of Hawaii (Kona).

There are a wide range of deals that fall under $80 one-way, including $55 flights between Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, $55 flights between Las Vegas and Long Beach, $64 flights between Burbank and San Francisco, $65 flights between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, $74 flights between Las Vegas and Phoenix, $77 flights between San Jose and Seattle, and $79 flights between Cincinnati and Chicago.

Deals under $100 one-way include $85 flights between Atlanta and Orlando, $87 flights between New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale, $89 flights between Atlanta and Washington, D.C., $91 flights between New Orleans and Austin, and $98 flights between New York City and Chicago and Nashville and Orlando.

The lowest international fares can be found from Fort Lauderdale, including $81 one-way flights to Grand Cayman, $87 one-way flights to Nassau, $113 flights to Belize City, $153 one-way flights to Montego Bay, and $153 flights to Aruba.

Other top international one-way deals include $113 flights from Jacksonville to Nassau, $123 flights from Orlando to Providenciales, $127 flights from Tampa to Belize City, $130 flights from Orange County and Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, $150 flights from Houston to Belize City, and $169 flights from San Antonio to Belize City.

Take a look at Southwest’s website to see all of the available deals, but you’ll want to act fast: the sale only runs through June 20.

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