The low-cost carrier's snafu could pay off for passengers.

Following a public snafu in which Ryanair canceled 2,100 flights because of a pilot shortage, the budget airline is offering even cheaper fares than usual. The flight cancelations affected some 310,000 passengers, and cost the company approximately $30 million.

The cancellations occurred because too many pilots were scheduled to take vacation at the same time. Ryanair eventually offered pilots €12,000 (approximately $14,220) in bonuses to wait to take their vacation days until 2018. An employee council representing the pilots refused, citing Ryanair's inability to communicate between pilots and management, the Financial Times reported.

For passengers who are willing to look past the carrier's missteps, Ryanair is offering fares as low as £5 (approximately $6.73) within Europe.

The airline has one million one-way fares from the United Kingdom on sale for £9.99, or approximately $13.50, The Independent reported. Destinations for these fares include Brittany and Grenoble in France; Faro, Portugal; Corfu, Greece; Naples, Italy; and Malaga, Spain.

Some flights to France were as low as £5.

As part of the deal, Ryanair is footing the bill for the usual tax on air passengers, which is approximately $17.50. The fares do not include other fees, such as baggage costs and priority boarding.