You'll be in business class, too.

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In the never-ending battle between quality and quantity, we refuse to pick a side. And French boutique airline La Compagnie apparently agrees. The airline is offering an “all you can fly” pass for unlimited business class flights between New York City and Paris for one year.

Set your timers: On Tuesday, September 19, the airline will put 10 of its L’Unlimited passes on sale. They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis from the airline’s website. However the option to have breakfast in Paris and dinner in New York whenever you want doesn’t come cheap. The pass will sell for $40,000.

La Compagnie specializes in being all business class. Each airplane has only 74 seats, all of which lie flat and can give massages while you’re crossing the Atlantic. On board, passengers enjoy a seasonal menu of fresh, French-inspired meals and access to La Compagnie’s flying wine cellar.

The boutique airline offers two flights daily on the New York to Paris route.

However tempting it may be to go wild and book all the flights to Paris, La Compagnie will charge $2,500 for every flight you don’t show up for. It’s possible to change or cancel reservations up to three hours before departure. The pass is activated for one full year from the holder’s first flight.

This is the second year that La Compagnie, which was founded in 2014, will offer the L’Unlimited pass.