Craig Warga/Bloomberg via Getty Images

JetBlue is having a flash sale on Saturday for flights to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Jessica Plautz
December 10, 2016

JetBlue continued its 12 days of deals on Saturday, with flights to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic starting at $20. Availability is limited, so this is a now or never booking situation.

The cheapest flights, for $20 to $25, are between Caribbean destinations like San Juan and Saint Thomas. Flights from Florida to San Juan are available for $50. Flights from New York City to the Dominican Republic are available for $100.

The sale is Saturday only, so flights must be booked before 11:59 p.m. ET.

JetBlue is revealing a new deal each day at 1 p.m. ET through next week. If you haven't booked a winter getaway yet, set an alarm. Previous days' deals have included $54 flights to Cuba, and more $20 flights.

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