Google Flights' New Alerts Will Make Sure You're Getting the Best Deals on Airfare

Google Flights Update
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The Google Flights search engine gets smarter all the time — and now it will make sure you're getting the best deal on your airfare, even if it isn't what you searched for.

Users will now receive a pop-up alert if airfare is cheaper to a nearby airport other than the one they selected, according to Thrifty Traveler. The feature is particularly useful for those traveling to and from cities with multiple airports or those traveling to a new destination who are unaware of all air travel options.

However, before booking the better deal, travelers should guarantee that they're able to travel to and from said airport, and also be aware of unforeseen circumstances such as a recommended airport not having a reliable or regular public transit option. The cheaper airfare won't be worth it if you're paying a much higher taxi bill to travel to and from the airport.

Google will now also alert a user if it finds that switching your flight dates by a day or two will save money.

The automatic update has been fully rolled out to all Google users, according to The Points Guy.

Google Flights users have been able to search nearby airports and dates for the best airfare since 2017 but this new update extends the money-saving tricks to those who may not be aware of them.

Last year, Google began alerting travelers to basic economy fares, tickets where they might have to pay to select their seat or bring a bag.

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