For travelers looking to head to popular European stops this fall and winter, now is the time to score top savings as several airlines are offering sales and low prices on flights from the U.S.

There are currently a variety of deals available to Spain and several other European hotspots including Paris, Copenhagen and Milan, available through Google Flights.

From Boston, travelers can take round-trip flights to Madrid for $236 in September and October and for $370 in August. Flights from Boston to Barcelona start at $260 in March of 2020 and at $294 in November.

There are also $262 round-trip deals to Copenhagen in November, $308 round-trip flights to Paris in October, and $360 round-trip flights to Rome in October.

From New York, deals include $245 round-trip flights to Madrid in January and February, $250 round-trip flights to Barcelona in March, $276-$288 round-trip flights to Paris from October through March, and $329 round-trip flights to Rome October through March.

Los Angeles-based travelers will find $290 round-trip flights to Madrid from September through March and round-trip flights to Barcelona at $350 or under from October through March.

There are also deals from Miami, including $369 round-trip flights to Barcelona October through April, $384 round-trip flights to Paris September through April, and $390 round-trip flights to Milan October through March.

For even more savings, Aer Lingus is currently offering $100 off of round-trip flights from North America to Europe.

The deal applies to flights from Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. to a variety of European cities ranging from Milan and Zurich to Dubrovnik and Glasgow.

Buckingham Palace, London, summer
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The $100 discount applies to travel between Aug.1 and Oct. 31 for bookings made by 6:59 p.m. ET on June 11, with some of the lowest rates starting at $449 ($349 after the discount) on flights from New York to Dublin.

Finally, Norwegian Air has one-way deals on flights to Europe right now, with some of the top savings starting on flights to London.

Deals to London include $98 one-way flights from Boston from October through March, $110 one-way flights from New York September through March, $126 one-way flights from Miami September through March, $126 one-way flights from Los Angeles October through March, and $115 one-way flights from Chicago in September.

There are also a range of deals available to stops like Athens and Amsterdam for as low as $129 one-way available with Norwegian's sale, which runs through June 2.