Savvy travelers: put those skills to good use.

You can Pay someone to Book Your Flights for You
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

If you’re a master at nabbing great flight deals, you could start getting paid for it.

Farefetch is a new website that allows ticket-savvy travelers to make money by getting other people deals and pocketing the difference. On the flip side, travelers who don’t want to spend time scouring the internet for flights can use Farefetch as an easy way to outsource.

Travelers who are looking for a flight put all of their requests into Farefetch: their departure and return dates, airports, number of passengers, and maximum price there willing to pay. The request then gets sent off to “farefetchers” who scour the internet for a matching flight. Finally, travelers receive a confirmation email once a farefetcher has found and booked their flight.

But the whole thing is almost like a contest for the farefetchers. The first farefetcher to submit their found airfare gets the sale. And if they’re able to find a flight that costs less than the price the traveler indicated, the farefetcher gets to keep the difference. Farefetchers can either book the flight themselves and be paid within 48 hours or share booking instructions and receive payment within one week.

However there are a few things of which to be aware before booking on Farefetch. Travelers cannot change or cancel their flights through the service. So if a farefetcher books a basic economy ticket, it may not be possible to back out. Also, there’s a chance that the ticket will not include checked bags, meal service, or — in the case of ultra low-cost airfare — even the physical ticket itself.

For those interested in pursuing a side hustle as a farefetcher, bear in mind that any myths you may think about booking airfare are probably not true. However airfare prediction service Hopper says that many flights are likely to get cheaper this fall.