Spend the summer in Paris or Rome.
Cinque Terre
Credit: James Farley/Getty Images

For travelers who have procrastinated booking their summer vacations, it might be time to consider Europe.

The cost of round-trip flights to Europe for the summer of 2017 has dropped steeply compared to 2016, according to recent data from Kayak.

Flights to top destinations such as Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, and Reykjavik were all down 20 to 30 percent year over year, with the price of Zurich airfares dipping by 42 percent. Flights were cheapest toward the beginning of the summer, especially in May, according to the same data.

Kayak attributed the dip in costs to the rise of transatlantic budget airlines, as well as the strength of the dollar.

London is also a relatively frugal option for travelers to Europe this summer, as ongoing uncertainty concerning the so-called Brexit continues to keep the pound weak and prices in the U.K. low.

“The pound is going to remain low indeed because Brexit negotiations are expected to start in April,” Benjamin LeRuth, a research associate at the University of Kent, told Travel + Leisure earlier this month. “They can find it as a good opportunity to go shopping.”