Economy airfares are down 23%.
Kayak Summer Deals
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Searches for domestic flights this summer are down 18 percent, according to KAYAK. But economy fares are down 23 percent on average, meaning that — if you haven't already booked a trip — this summer is a great time to save on airfare.

“The combination of a strong dollar, lower fuel prices and heightened competition among the airlines are all factors in making this summer a great time to save on flights,” David Solomito, KAYAK travel expert and vice president, told Travel + Leisure.

For example, compared to last year, economy fares to Asheville are down by 12 percent, Cleveland by 13 percent, and Denver and San Francisco both by 10 percent.


Airfare is also cheaper to several great destinations in Canada, including Edmonton (19 percent), Montreal (15 percent), Toronto (13 percent), Vancouver (12 percent), and British Columbia (11 percent).

If you need the reminder, Canada's national parks are free this year in honor of the country's 150th birthday.

Feeling even more adventurous? Airfares are down 17 percent to Hanoi, 13 percent to Cape Town, and 11 percent to Phuket.

As for the decrease in domestic flight searches, Solomito attributes that to a few things.

“A strong dollar may be tempting some Americans to travel internationally, while others may want to stay closer to home given economic uncertainties that typically come in the months following an election. But whatever the reason,” he told T+L, “the good news is that there are great deals to be had and it's not too late to take advantage of them.”