Book a flight this winter for under $100 with Southwest's latest sale.
Southwest Airlines Give Away
Credit: Chris Parypa/Getty Images

Southwest Airlines currently has a getaway sale that will let you book flights for as little as $42 one-way. The sale applies to travel to and from dozens of cities in the United States, as well as various international destinations.

Flights start at $42 one-way between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and you can score $49 one-way flights between Milwaukee and Nashville, San Diego and Las Vegas, St. Louis and Wichita, Cincinnati and Chicago, and Providence and Washington, D.C.

For $52 one-way, you can fly from Boise to Spokane, while $57 will get you a one-way flight from Burbank to either Salt Lake City or San Francisco. Deals for $59 one-way tickets include flights from Dallas to Oklahoma City and from Salt Lake City to Burbank.

Travelers interested in international vacations will find $151 one-way flights to Cancun from Los Angeles, $156 one-way flights to Cancun from Houston, and $170 one-way flights to Cancun from Atlanta, though travelers should note that the U.S. State Department recently added Cancun to its Mexico travel warning due to growing concerns about gang violence.

There are also flights to Cabo San Lucas that start at $107 one-way from San Diego, $140 one-way from Los Angeles, $156 one-way from Oakland, and $170 one-way from Denver. Flights to Belize can be found for $128 one-way from Houston.

While the sale also includes deals to Caribbean destinations including Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Punta Cana, Travel + Leisure notes that 2017's hurricane season — including Hurricane Irma which is a Category 5 storm — has already caused severe damage to several islands, and Irma will soon bear down on Florida. Fall travel may be affected. Here’s how to donate if you’d like to help.

Passengers can book tickets from September 5 through September 21, with domestic travel dates available between September 26 and March 7, 2018. International travel can be booked between September 26 and December 13 of this year, and in 2018 between January 9 and March 1.