By Melanie Lieberman
March 28, 2017
Getty Images

Ireland’s low-cost carrier, Ryanair, is making international travel across Europe cheaper than ever. For travelers who can act fast, there are £2.99 flights to France and Norway on the table right now. With the current exchange rate, that’s $3.75 — less than the price of your daily morning coffee.

According to The Sun, the cheap seats can be found on flights to the premier wine-making region of Bordeaux and Oslo: a European capital with a youthful arts scene.

Also included in the sale are £2.99 trips to Brive and Dinard, the latter of which is hailed as one of France’s best beach towns. If you visit Dinard for a last-minute spring break getaway, grab a blue-and-white cabana tent on the golden sands of Plage de l’Ecluse.

Of course, flights less than £3 won’t be easy to find. The £2.99 trip to Dinard, for example, is only available on April 4 from London. So you'll have to be very flexible with your travel plans.

And travelers must first get themselves to London, as all of the ridiculously cheap fares (literal pocket change, if you look hard enough) depart from London’s Stansted airport. Consider these prices a valuable excuse to go take that dream journey across Europe.