Instead of buying coffee this morning, consider booking a flight for the same price.

Ryanair 5 euro flights
Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

On the heels of a €9.99 St. Patrick’s Day sale, Ryanair — an Irish low-cost carrier — is selling seats for only €5. That’s less that $6 one-way.

Travelers must be swift, however, as there are mere hours left to find the 100,000 cheap seats. Ryanair’s 12-hour flash sale will close at 6 p.m. Western European Time (that's 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).

According to a report by the Irish Mirror, travel dates are only available in April and May, meaning you’ll need to be just as spontaneous with your vacation planning as you are with your flight booking.

Many of the cheap flights originate at major hubs in Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Kerry, and Shannon (there are €5 fares for flights from Shannon to Berlin, for example, and from Dublin to Brussels).

London-based deal seekers can score €5 tickets to Basel, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, and Glasgow, among other European cities. It’s possible to find €5 flights on many other domestic routes, including Barcelona to Ibiza or Mallorca in Spain, and a trip from Naples to Venice for only €4.88.

In order to take advantage of this airfare sale, travelers will need to first travel abroad, as there are absolutely no €5 international flights on sale. But once abroad, you can explore dozens of European cities for the price of your fancy morning coffee.