Want to spend the Fourth of July on Martha’s Vineyard?
Gay Head in Aquinnah on Martha's Vineyard and the lighthouse Massachusetts
Credit: Getty Images

On Tuesday afternoon, JetBlue announced yet another flash fare sale, with tickets to 20 destinations available for as little as $20 one-way.

These cheap seats are only on specific flights (a $20 ticket from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard on the Fourth of July, for example, which departs at 1:13 in the afternoon).

This time, Boston-based travelers will have the best luck scoring a ticket. In addition to Martha’s Vineyard, there are flights from Logan International Airport to Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Newark, New Jersey ranging from $30 to $60 one-way.

There are also flights available from Charleston (to Washington, D.C. for $30), New York City (to the Bahamas for only $70) and Salt Lake City to Long Beach, California (for $40), among others.

One of these ultra-cheap trips can even be turned into a ridiculously affordable round-trip itinerary. There’s a $30 one-way flight from Washington, D.C. to Boston on June 27 that returns — also for $30 — in the afternoon of June 28. Perfect for quick trip to the capital.

The sale ends when the tickets run out, and JetBlue indicated that fares may only be available for less than an hour. If you don’t see something that works for you now, follow @JetBlueCheeps on Twitter and watch out for the hashtag #JetBlueFlashFares.