But they probably won’t last long.
Deal to Singapore
Credit: Getty Images

Round-trip flights to Singapore are now on sale from cities across the United States, with fares as low as $313.

Most sources agree that airfare this outrageously low is likely the result of an error, particularly because flights are with top-rated Japan Airlines. Also known as mistake fares, these sales appear when an airline accidentally posts a ticket price without first adding airport taxes or a fuel surcharge (the latter of which can be incredibly expensive, and a bulk of the ticket price). Error fares can also be caused by human error, miscalculated currency conversions, or basic computer glitches.

Because airlines can choose not to honor error fares, it’s strongly recommended that travelers wait to book accommodations or any details of the trip until after a ticket has been issued. (Thrifty Traveler suggests waiting even a week or two after the airline has ticketed your trip.) That means not just waiting for a reservation confirmation e-mail to hit your inbox, but to actually have a ticket number.

Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of time to wait for a thumbs-up from the airline. According to Thrifty Traveler, available travel dates are, at the earliest, available in August, though they can be found as late as February of 2018.

Los Angeles and New York City-based travelers can score the cheapest tickets — both available for a cool $313 — though fares below $400 are available all over the country.

Flights originating in Santa Ana, for example, can be purchased for $339 round-trip, while Rochester-based fliers can score $324 round-trip tickets. For $398, Bostonians can take advantage of the error sale, and Chicagoans have the chance to score $316 round-trip tickets. Flights from San Francisco, Hartford, and Dallas are selling for less than $410.