Icelandair’s most recent flight deal continues, with prices now as low as $234 round-trip for trips concluding in Reykjavík. And you can take advantage of the airfare sale during peak Northern Lights season.

According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, the cheap tickets to Iceland are now available for $234 round-trip from a number of U.S. cities, including Boston, Chicago, the New York City area, and Washington, D.C.

From cities further from Iceland, tickets can still be found for under $400. There are $383 round-trip flights from Denver, Seattle, and Tampa.

While availability varies depending on your departure city, tickets can typically be found between November and June, meaning travelers can even book trips during the peak summer season.

Credit: Adam Vradenburg/EyeEm/Getty Images

Of course, traveling in the winter means incredibly short days (during the winter solstice, daylight is cut to only four hours). But this will increase your odds of seeing the northern lights — and off-season travel to Iceland means more affordable hotel and tour rates, and even better deals at restaurants.

Travelers should note that the cheap seats are tied to Icelandair’s new “Economy Light” airfare category, which means the cheap tickets come with expensive checked bag fees. To avoid the $138 round-trip bag fees, fit all your stuff in a carry-on.