Credit: William Gray/Getty Images/AWL Images RM

Because two vacations are definitely better than one, travelers itching to take a European holiday shouldn’t hesitate to book this flight deal with Icelandair. The low-cost airline is currently selling cheap tickets to cities all across Europe for $324 round-trip.

And because this airline is famous for its week-long, free stopovers in Iceland, you can book two complete trips for the price of one.

According to Thrifty Traveler, the most affordable flights are available on itineraries that stop in Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, and Amsterdam. Sale fares are generally available between October and June, depending on your departure city.

There are also cheap seats on trips to Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Glasgow, London, Munich, Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Zurich during the same months.

Boston-based travelers, for example, can find $324 round-trip flights to Helsinki in March.

There are also $386 round-trip tickets from Chicago to Oslo, $340 round-trip tickets from the New York City area to Oslo, $381 round-trip flights from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and flights to Europe in the low-$400s from Denver, Orlando, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

To find the cheapest dates of travel (and your ideal destination) from your city of origin, search for flights using Google Flights’ multi-city itinerary builder. This feature will allow you to get the best price, while also building your free Iceland stopover into your trip.