Around the World Flight Deal
Credit: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Want to see the world? Thanks to the Airfare Spot, you can book an incredible around-the-world trip for as little as $863. That’s the round-trip total, folks.

To take advantage of the deal, travelers must be ready to leave on June 5, with a flight departing from the New York metro area to Paris. The overnight WOW Air flight costs $200 even, and has a quick stopover in Reykjavík.

You’ll have two days to cross major items off your Parisian bucket list (see the Eiffel Tower, sample the éclairs, visit Mona at the Louvre) before catching a flight to Dubai. Costing only $132, the perk of a 32-hour trip is the almost two-day layover in Istanbul. Travelers can also pay $145 for a more direct, 13-hour trip.

In the city of superlatives, tourists can explore the world’s largest indoor theme park (all 1.5 million square feet) or pick up souvenirs from the biggest mall on Earth.

On June 12, travelers will take a $223 flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Another glittering, skyscraper-filled city, you’ll want to get your bearings from the observation deck at the top of the 86-story Petronas Towers.

After two and a half days in Malaysia, travelers will return home for an affordable $308. But a 22-hour stopover in Manila, Philippines, means travelers can sneak in almost an entire day in one more city, bringing the total number of cities visited to five—not including New York City.

Because most flights are with budget carriers (think: India-based IndiGo Airlines and Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus) we recommend traveling light. Stick with one versatile carry-on.

For full booking details, read the Airfare Spot’s original itinerary.