Destinations include Stockholm and Honolulu.
Oahu Panoramic Scenic View from above
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Travelers who want to travel the world on a budget should consider booking one of The Airfare Spot’s Around the World flight deals — like this new itinerary, with stops in Sweden, Thailand, and Hawaii for only $1,110 round-trip.

By stringing together a number of ultra-cheap, one-way flights, travelers can easily globe trot for a fraction of the price (and spend Thanksgiving far away from family).

This journey begins in New York City on November 17, with a flight that departs John F. Kennedy International Airport for Stockholm at 10:30 in the evening. The non-stop Norwegian Air Shuttle flight costs only $160.

Travelers will have three full days in Sweden’s capital (with more than 100 museums, it’s one of the most museum-dense cities in the world) before catching another non-stop Norwegian flight to Bangkok on November 21. The current price: $210.

After a solid five days in Thailand — plenty of time to explore the region’s gleaming temples and palaces — travelers will catch a flight to Honolulu on November 27. Travelers can opt for a full-day layover in the Philippines for $402, or take a quicker trip with Air Asia for $382 one-way.

Because your next flight doesn’t depart until the morning of December 4, travelers have plenty of time to explore Oahu and the neighboring islands.

Return to New York City for only $358 on December 4 with stops in San Francisco and Seattle, or opt for a more comfortable Virgin America flight for $406 with a single, quick plane change in Los Angeles.