Whirlwind U.S. tour, anyone?
St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, French Quarter, New Orleans.
Credit: Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Travelers interested in seeing the country can do so this autumn for a cool $361 — and that’s the round-trip price tag.

The Airfare Spot has strung together a series of flight deals to create a ridiculously cheap, multi-city itinerary that takes you to key destinations across the United States.

To take advantage of the deal, travelers will first book a $56 one-way ticket from New York City’s LaGuardia Airport to Chicago on September 11 with American Airlines. You’ll have almost three full days to explore the Windy City before you depart Chicago for the next leg of your adventure: Los Angeles.

A $59 one-way flight, also with American Airlines, will put you in California on the evening of September 13. Spend a few days dining at the city’s best restaurants and trying the latest tequila-lime or Mexican hot chocolate-flavored donuts at Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts.

On September 16, board a New Orleans-bound Delta flight ($112), where you can spend a perfect three days eating beignets, listening to live jazz music, and strolling through the charming French Quarter.

The morning of September 19, take a short $54 flight to Fort Lauderdale with JetBlue, which will put you less than an hour’s drive from Miami. Be sure to reserve at least one day for lounging on the city’s incredible beaches (believe us, you’ll want to relax after your whirlwind adventure).

On September 23, you’ll take your return trip back to New York City — also via LaGuardia — for only $80.

To take advantage of this airfare sale, you’ll want to act quickly, as the prices for each individual ticket are likely to fluctuate.