Make sure you have your passport handy.

If you have flexible travel dates and no predetermined destination, you really don’t need to wait for a crazy flash sale to score ridiculously cheap flights.

In fact, you can find excellent deals from your city every day — including today — just by searching for cheap flights with KAYAK’s Explore tool, or perusing a dedicated flight deal site like Thrifty Traveler or the Airfare Spot.

Because we know how much it sucks to transition from a holiday weekend into the workweek, we’re sharing 16 incredible flight deals for trips all around the world. And you can ease the post-vacation blues by booking one today.

Cheap Flights to Asia

Los Angeles-based travelers can score flights to Shanghai for as little as $389 round-trip by traveling from late September until October 10. And Thrifty Traveler found flights with All Nippon to Hong Kong for only $410 round-trip between January and March 2018.

Surprisingly, we spotted even cheaper flights to Fuzhou from New York City. From October 1 to October 23, travelers can visit this city in China’s Jiangxi Province for a cool $366 round-trip.

Cheap Flights to Europe

You can book an incredibly cheap flight to Europe today, from departure cities all across the country.

The single best ticket on sale now is a $230 round-trip flight from San Francisco to Iceland. The WOW Air flight leaves on September 16 and returns a week later, on September 22.

A number of great deals can be booked today with this Icelandic budget airline. New Yorkers can fly to Frankfurt, Germany for $300 round-trip in January, while Miami-based travelers can head to Berlin for $360 in early October.

Norwegian Air’s promise to make ultra cheap flights between Europe and the United States a regular thing seems to be holding true. Today, travelers can find $380 round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Rome, or $320 tickets between New York City and Rome; $342 round-trip from New York City to Stockholm; and $263 between Boston and Oslo, $272 from Boston to London, and $302 between Boston and Barcelona.

Cheap Flights to Everywhere Else

We were thrilled to find that you can still book cheap flights to Hawaii today, with flights between San Francisco and Kahului costing as little as $395 (thanks largely to United’s increased service).

There were also strong savings available on flights from Miami to Central and South America (think: $328 round-trip flights to Bogotá, Colombia, and $184 round-trip fares to Costa Rica).

And Washington, D.C.-based travelers can escape cold November weather by booking a week in Cancun with Frontier flights for $242 round-trip.