20 Destinations Where You'll Find Cheap Flights in 2020 (Video)

The only thing that tops taking a vacation is scoring a great deal to get there. It's the cherry on top of any trip — plus, money saved means you can book that helicopter tour or extravagant spa experience without guilt.

And while saving money on airfare is always nice, it takes travel savvy to find cheap flights. Knowing how early to book and when to travel is crucial, as is knowing what destinations offer the best flights from the U.S. The latter can be particularly tricky as the number of routes, traveler demand, and airline competition all come into play when airlines release fares.

It isn't an exact science, but our friends at Scott's Cheap Flights dedicate their time to tracking airline routes and reviewing historical pricing trends to deliver cheap flight predictions — and for 2020, the forecast looks promising.

"Fortunately, we are living — right now — in the Golden Age of Cheap Flights. Far from affordable flights being impossible to find, it's never been as cheap to fly internationally as it is today," said Founder and Chief Flight Expert Scott Keyes in a statement. "Places that were previously unaffordable are now possible, thanks to the proliferation of cheap flights."

Although the 20 hand-selected destinations below aren't necessarily the cheapest places to travel in the world, the experts at Scott's Cheap Flights predict we'll see a lot of great fares to these destinations in 2020.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Congreso de la Nacion Argentina, in Buenos Aires Argentina
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Thanks to Norwegian and American Airlines expanding their presence in Argentina, competition is expected to increase, resulting in — you guessed it — lower fares.

The team at Scott's Cheap Flights notes that flights from Miami are plentiful and often well-priced.

Scott's found cheap flights from JFK to Buenos Aires for as little as $433 in 2019.

Nairobi, Kenya

In 2018, Kenya Airways joined the Air France/KLM partnership, and the result has been increased flight frequency to Europe, which in turn, has helped lower flights from the U.S.

The flight team notes that the best fares to Kenya tend to be from the east coast.

Scott's found cheap flights from NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago to Nairobi for as little as $557 in 2019.


Ever since Southwest increased service to Hawaii, the team at Scott's Cheap Flights says they've found amazing deals — including those unforgettable $99 fares. The airline has plans to continue route expansion, meaning an increase in airline competition and lower fares.

Scott's found cheap flights from San Francisco nonstop to Hawaii island for $298 roundtrip in 2019.


Thanks to a new agreement, Tokyo's Haneda airport has added 12 new routes to the U.S. for 2020. The move is expected to increase competition and drop prices right in time for the 2020 Olympics.

Scott's found cheap flights from San Jose to Tokyo for $290 roundtrip in 2019.


Alaskan Fjord with Sunlit Forested Headland
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Thanks to some long-standing competition between Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines on routes between Seattle and Alaska, flights to the northern state continue to drop.

Scott's found cheap flights from Seattle to Anchorage for $154 roundtrip in 2019.


Scott's Cheap Flights reports more and more flight deals to this popular Southeast Asian country, including fares with All Nippon Airways via Tokyo and Asiana or Korean Air via Seoul.

Scott's found cheap flights from Houston to Bangkok for $515 roundtrip in 2019.

London, U.K.

Two big airline developments are expected to make this major city an affordable 2020 destination. In 2019, a joint venture between Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines increased flight frequency to both Heathrow and Gatwick, while JetBlue announced plans to start selling flights in 2020 for travel in 2021.

Scott's found cheap flights from NYC nonstop to London for $328 roundtrip in 2019.


Panoramic view of Weelington Harbor (former Apollo Bunder) with the Gate of India, Taj Mahal Palace and the Tower in the background in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Flights from the U.S. to India are expected to drop in 2020 thanks to Delta's move to reopen the route between New York and Mumbai at the end of 2019 — a flight path that they closed in 2015.

Scott's found cheap flights from New York to Chennai for $614 roundtrip in 2019.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Like Kenya, Tanzania is expected to benefit from the partnership between Air France/KLM and Kenya Airways. And a short domestic flight from Dar es Salaam to Arusha puts visitors in reach of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Kilimanjaro.

Scott's found cheap flights from Seattle to Tanzania for $573 roundtrip in 2019.

Seoul, South Korea

Bukchon Hanok Village Seoul Historic Neighborhood South Korea
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With Delta planning to move its hub from Tokyo Narita to Seoul Incheon airport in 2020, you should see more, better priced flights from Delta's hub cities, including Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Seattle. This shift will increase competition between Delta, Korean Air, and Asiana and drive down prices.

Scott's found cheap flights from Los Angeles to Seoul for $486 roundtrip in 2019.

Liechtenstein via Zürich

This often-overlooked country is found between Austria and Switzerland, and although the small country doesn't have its own airport, nearby Zürich (one hour by train) sees regular flight deals.

Those flight deals should continue in 2020 as Swiss International Air Lines adds direct flights between DC and Zürich in early 2020.

Scott's found cheap flights from Boston to Zürich for $313 roundtrip in 2019.

Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque minaret in Casablanca
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The number of flights between the U.S. and Casablanca has jumped thanks to Royal Air Maroc, which now offers flights from NYC, DC, Miami, and Boston.

In addition, American Airlines will start flying to Morocco in June 2020 with a nonstop flight from Philadelphia.

Scott's found cheap flights from Charlotte to Casablanca for $506 roundtrip in 2019.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When it comes to great Southeast Asia flights, Scott's Cheap Flights says Malaysia is hard to beat. Not only do United and the five-star All Nippon Airways (ANA) have regular routes, but in 2020 the duo are expected to offer amazing deals from Chicago, NYC, DC, Houston, LA, Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco to Malaysia via Tokyo.

Scott's found cheap flights from Newark to Kuala Lumpur for $467 roundtrip in 2019.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia

The countries that make up former Yugoslavia have historically been a little more expensive to get to — albeit cheaper when you're there — than their European counterparts. But Scott's Cheap Flights reports that major cities (Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana) are starting to show low-cost airfare through hubs like Frankfurt and Brussels.

Scott's found cheap flights from Cincinnati to Ljulijana from $491 roundtrip in 2019.

Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament Building on the Banks of the Danube at dawn
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Thanks to a couple of pieces of airline news, these Central European countries just got a whole lot cheaper to visit. LOT Polish Airlines has been expanding the number of U.S. routes while American Airlines added flights from Chicago to Krakow, Budapest, and Prague.

Scott's found cheap flights from Denver to Budapest for $492 roundtrip in 2019.


Great deals on flights to Paris have almost become the norm in recent years, and that trend is expected to continue in 2020. Starting June 2020, you'll see flights from Boston on LEVEL and from Newark on French Bee. It's a move that should increase competition — and drop pricing — on direct flights to Paris.

Scott's found cheap flights from New York nonstop to Paris for $285 roundtrip in 2019.

São Paulo, Brazil

Municipal Theatre of junction of Viaduto do Cha, Rua Xavier de Toledo and Praca Ramos de Azevedo
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When you think of Brazil, you might think Rio, but in 2020 São Paulo is the place to visit if you're looking for cheap flights. Scott's Cheap Flights says the city is served by several airlines departing from U.S. cities like New York, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, and Dallas.

Scott's found cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to São Paulo for $493 roundtrip in 2019.

Cape Verde

This island nation off the coast of northwest Africa, just got a whole lot easier to access thanks to new nonstop flights to DC on Cabo Verde Airlines. You can also get to the country via Lisbon on TAP Air Portugal, which is in the process of expanding its U.S. operations.

Scott's found cheap flights from Boston to Cape Verde for $423 roundtrip in 2019.


Fiji Island Beach Hut Sunset Coral Coast Viti Levu
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Fares to this 300-island archipelago are typically lower when you're flying from the West Coast and there's been an increase in deals from smaller U.S. airports (think Boise, Kalispell, Reno). We've even found some 2-in-1 deals with Australia, which include stops in both countries on the same itinerary.

Scott's found cheap flights from Las Vegas to Fiji for $498 roundtrip in 2019.


Low-cost fares to Spain have already seen an uptick thanks to more flights to Barcelona on Norwegian and direct flights to Barcelona from New York, San Francisco, and Boston on LEVEL.

If you have your heart set on visiting the Canary Islands in 2020, you might be in luck. The Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa is seeing an increase in routes from European cities like Lisbon, Nice, Marseille, Naples, and Strasbourg.

Scott's found cheap flights from Boston to Barcelona nonstop for $225 roundtrip.

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