By Melanie Lieberman
November 11, 2016

According to Air New Zealand, interest in immigrating to the South Pacific country has soared since Donald Trump was named president-elect.

New Zealand Now, a government website with information about living and working there, received 70,500 visits from the United States. That was up from only 1,500 prior to election night.

“We thought we’d extend an invitation,” said Air New Zealand in a promotional video, which proposed a trip to New Zealand as an “Election Hangover Cure.”

The airline is selling one-way tickets to Auckland for only $399 from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. If you’re on the East Coast, tickets cost $874 from New York City.

Travel dates are not available until May 1, through June 11, and also from July 24 until August 31.

In addition to being named the second-best city on the planet for expats and one of the top five countries for safety, New Zealand is just really, really beautiful.

You’ll be greeted by gravity-defying volcanic landscapes, grasslands, magical caves lit by glowworms, and dozens of wineries. After all, this otherworldly destination served as the backdrop for fantasy films like “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Lord of the Rings.”