Flight Attendants on TikTok Reveal the 10 Products They Won't Travel Without — Starting at $13

From Apple AirTags to a spacious belt bag, prices start at just $13.

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Whether you’re traveling once a year or embarking on bi-monthly adventures, you always want to make your trip as easy as possible. From the moment you check-in at the airport to the time you touch down back at home, you should be working to set yourself up for the best possible experience. And who better to give advice on traveling efficiently than the very people who do it for a living: Flight attendants.

Thankfully, social media has made it possible for flight attendants to share their top hacks with an enraptured audience of travelers, so you can have the best insight on everything from how to optimize space in your luggage, to what you need to stay comfortable and warm during an overnight flight. If you’ve been looking to take your travel experience to the next level, keep reading to discover the 10 products that flight attendants across TikTok swear they won’t leave the house without, so you can travel like a professional. The best part? Prices start at just $13.

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag


One flight attendant revealed that they depend on their Apple AirTag to keep track of their luggage while they’re on the go, tucking the device into their suitcase to locate their bags when they’re in a rush. AirTags are perhaps one of the most popular devices for travel right now (especially with the uptick of lost luggage in recent months) and this is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your checked bags have landed at your destination— even if you’re making a connection.

To buy: amazon.com, $29

Packing Cubes

6 Set of Various Colored Packing Cubes


One of the best ways to avoid checking a bag is by investing in a good set of packing cubes that will help you optimize the space in your suitcase while keeping everything organized and easy to find. One flight attendant took to TikTok to share that “using compression packing cubes” is an excellent way to consolidate your clothes, making the most of limited space so you don’t have to worry about potentially losing a checked bag as you navigate to your connecting flight. 

To buy: amazon.com, $18 with on-site coupon (originally $27)

Belt Bag

Belt Bag


The belt bag style has rapidly gained popularity in recent months, and this type of bag is especially useful for travel as it allows you to keep your valuable items close to your chest and easy to access. In fact, one flight attendant raved that belt bags “fit everything” you could need for your next adventure, especially if you’re taking an abbreviated pit stop during a layover. This particular pack is now on sale for just $15, and even boasts a hidden pocket against your body that’s the perfect size for storing your passport and phone.

To buy: amazon.com, $15 (originally $17)

Silicone Bottles

Morfone 16 Pack Travel Bottles Set


Finding sneaky ways to fit your liquid beauty products into your suitcase while staying under the limit is no small feat, but one flight attendant swears by this silicone set of 16 travel bottles to make the task just a little bit easier. The compact jars and bottles allow you to fit makeup products like foundation into your bag without exceeding 100 ml of liquid per container, so you can continue to travel with a carry-on without sacrificing your skincare routine.

To buy: amazon.com, $14 (originally $23)

Travelpro Carry-on

Travelpro Crew Versapack Softside Expandable Upright 2 Wheel Luggage


If you’re looking for a flight attendant-approved carry-on for your next adventure, look no further than the Travelpro 22-inch Carry-on Bag. Not only is it spacious enough to hold all of your essentials without requiring you to check a bag, but it’s also especially useful for one genius feature: a J hook affixed to the top of the suitcase. One flight attendant explains that if you’re carrying multiple bags with you on your journey, the J hook allows you to attach your smaller bag to the top of your carry-on so you can roll them both through the airport with ease. She even reveals that a “J hook is super beneficial” to your travels, and “everyone should get one.”

To buy: amazon.com, $230 (originally $270)

Travel Blanket and Pillow

EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow


It’s no secret that the temperature on planes can be incredibly inconsistent, so if you’re aiming to catch some shut-eye during a lengthy trip, one flight attendant confirms that a travel blanket and pillow set is a must-have. They note that it’s not uncommon for your flight to be lacking additional blankets to give out, and this duo easily zips into one compact shape so as not to take up extra space, all while ensuring you have the most comfortable travel experience. She even recommends it for other flight attendants aiming to stay warm during their layovers if a hotel blanket isn’t up to their standards.

To buy: amazon.com, $30 (originally $35)

Laundry Bag

2 Pcs Travel Laundry Bag


You’re naturally going to collect some laundry throughout the duration of your vacation, so one flight attendant shares that “a bag for your dirty clothes” is an “absolute must-have” while you travel. Not only will this make it easier to keep your clean clothes wearable throughout your trip, but it will also ease the dreaded unpacking process once you arrive home. 

To buy: amazon.com, $13 (originally $15)

Water Bottle

Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


While you can’t bring liquids through TSA, flight attendants swear that carting a reusable water bottle with you during your flight and subsequent vacation is one of the most important items you could add to your bag. This stainless steel bottle from Owala, an Amazon number one best-seller with more than 13,600 five-star ratings, comes with an easy-drink straw that makes it functional to travel with; plus, the lightweight design is slim enough to slide into the pocket of a bag without taking up excess space. Not to mention it’s leakproof.

To buy: amazon.com, $23 (originally $28)

Cozy Layer

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatshirt


Let’s face it, there’s no way to know in advance if your plane cabin is going to run too hot or too cold. Since it’s a universally accepted fact that plane temperatures will never truly be comfortable, one flight attendant took to TikTok to note that you must “always bring a sweatshirt on the plane” even if you’re flying to a tropical destination. You can’t guarantee that your flight will have extra blankets, so you’ll never regret carrying an extra layer like this affordable Hanes pullover to ensure your comfort throughout your flight.

To buy: amazon.com, $14 (originally $18)

Shoe Bags

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4


It’s always a good idea to keep your shoes separated from the rest of your clean clothes, and these best-selling bags are the best way to keep everything packed and apart during your trip. One flight attendant explains that shoe bags are a “great way to keep the rest of your belongings in your suitcase clean” so you don’t have to think about dirt stains on your nice white shirts when you’re getting dressed for a day of sightseeing. 

To buy: amazon.com, $15 (originally $22)

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