Bangkok Is Bustling—Here’s How Capella Bangkok Provides Visitors a Calm Oasis


There is hardly a city today that’s as alluringly animated as Bangkok. But to make the most of your experience there, you’re going to need a place to rest and recharge. We partnered with Capella Bangkok to show how it’s the ideal respite.

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Bangkok is a city of unrelenting energy and glorious chaos. It is an unwieldy giant embracing the ancient and the modern with equal zeal, and it's as invigorating as it is formidable. But it doesn't have to be. All you have to do is find a calm center, an urban oasis to draw you in and recharge your mind, body, and soul. And luckily, the Capella Bangkok provides just that in the very heart of the city.

living room

Located directly on the Chao Phraya River—which flows through the city's core—with the Thai capital’s lights reflecting on its waters as boats go zipping through, the Capella Bangkok provides guests with a luxurious, auspicious, and personal sanctum. Within its walls, you'll find a place of peace and rejuvenation that speaks to the confluence of modernity and time-tested traditions inherent in all of Bangkok—and where soundness of mind meets bold flavors and unique opulence.

Though it only opened last October, Capella has already become an essential fixture of the capital thanks to its embrace of Thai customs and innovative design and hospitality. No matter how you choose to experience Bangkok in all its wild glory, the hotel is waiting to provide a serene balance.

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Your personal sanctum awaits

Capella Bangkok’s aura of tranquility envelops you upon entry; situated on the river with stunning city views, the hotel’s sleek modern design and timelessly comforting flourishes achieve a masterful balance between high-end luxury and boutique charm.

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The sprawling Living Room lounge area—with its ornate lighting, high-comfort seating, and panoramic views of vibrant sunsets—immediately greets guests with the promise of supreme comfort (just as the Capella Culturist greets guests with sparkling wine and bonbons). Meanwhile, the al fresco terrace provides an entrancing place to enjoy the same views, cocktail-in-hand as a gentle breeze emanates from the busy river. These spaces provide a chance to mingle with other guests and get your bearings, but also serve as a preview of what’s to come upon checking into your room.

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Each of Capella Bangkok’s 101 rooms—from cozier quarters to sprawling suites and luxury villas with outdoor jacuzzis on the river’s edge—serve as an ideal base camp for, and respite from, an immersion into Bangkok culture. Every accommodation features floor-to-ceiling windows with eye-popping views of the Chao Phraya River, allowing you to get lost in your thoughts, sipping gourmet tea while the city hums around you. Whether you find yourself in a riverfront room, strolling the courtyard adjoining your suite, or gazing at the river from the comfort of your personal veranda’s jacuzzi, your temporary home will fast become the heart of your journey.

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Nurture your mind, body, and taste buds

Not content to simply provide a sense of peace, Capella Bangkok is designed to envelop guests in comfort while also taking care to elevate every sense.

Each day, guided riverfront yoga is available to help set the mind on the right path. For those seeking further enlightenment, the on-site Capella Culturist will coordinate a private meditation session with the head monk of a 250-year-old Buddhist temple, allowing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience ancient customs with a lifelong practitioner.

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A rested mind deserves a pampered body. Capella Bangkok's Auriga Wellness is a sanctuary within this urban oasis. Here, cutting-edge contemporary relaxation techniques, traditional therapies like hammer massage, and time-honored treatments involving mung bean and riceberry come together in a 11,560-square-foot temple of healing that caters to individual needs with the utmost precision. In addition, guests have access to unparalleled wellness amenities such as water therapies including vitality pools & experiential showers, steam rooms, saunas, and macrobiotic cuisine—all of which more than guarantee a total refresh of mind & body.

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With so much attention paid to wellness, you'd be forgiven for experiencing a little indulgence. Contemporary restaurant Phra Nakhon, located in a gorgeous sunroom on the river’s edge, provides guests with cutting-edge, ultra-fresh Thai cuisine using fresh ingredients from the on-site greenhouse and traditional recipes passed down through the generations, inspired by the chef’s upbringing in the Thai countryside. The Tea Lounge, additionally, makes for an indulgent break; the tea connoisseur will suggest personally tailored selections—including fresh herbs—from the tea trolley that winds through the parlor, complementing it with cake from the accompanying cake trolley. But the hotel’s culinary masterstroke is undoubtedly Côte.

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Helmed by chef Mauro Colagreco—whose lauded French restaurant Mirazur is ranked among the best in the world—the fine-dining menu at Côte is inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras, but its flavors can only be experienced at Capella Bangkok; think indulgent pigeon with red cabbage, barley risotto, and radicchio; confit trout; and some of the finest cheeses in the world, served à la carte or as part of a nine-course Carte Blanche feast that could double as artwork.

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Save room for patisserie treats and world-class cocktails at the riverside Stella, whose libations are crafted by a veteran of Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore. As with all things at Capella Bangkok, they're elevated even further as you watch the sun sink below the skyline outside.

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Get an intimate look at the real Bangkok

While it might be tempting to never leave the comforts of Capella Bangkok, the hotel is located on the city's oldest paved road, Charoenkrung, in an unforgettable, vibrant area packed with boutique shops, cafes, bars, galleries, and nightlife. And as a guest of Capella Bangkok, you'll be able to experience it in an immersive, highly personal way thanks to the team of Capella Culturists, who are available throughout your stay—including before you even arrive, when they can facilitate a speedy, stress-free VIP experience through customs at the airport, then whisk you off to the hotel in style, in the back of a limousine.

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Through the Capella Culturists program, you'll dive deep into Bangkok's culture with the help of the very people who make the hotel so magical. Those interested in the legendary sizzle of Thailand's street food scene will be treated to a food-stall crawl with Capella Master Chef Lek, who will introduce you to the locals behind the woks as you feast on unforgettable bites. Cocktail aficionados will get a crash-course in Bangkok's thriving nightlife courtesy of Khun Niks Anuman-Rajadhon, who leads an insightful bar crawl through the area. There's even a cadre of Yais (Thai grandmothers) on hand to lead you on a journey to experience Thai culture: you'll learn traditional dances and even get a cooking demonstration, all while outfitted in Thai garb.

In the unlikely event that the curated experiences don't tick off all the boxes of your ideal Bangkok immersion, the Culturists are also on hand to get more personal by curating itineraries, arranging transportation, and ensuring you'll have an experience you'll never forget, whether that means trips to ancient temples and the Grand Palace, river cruises, museum tours, or shopping trips. Regardless of where your path takes you, it will always lead back to the Capella Bangkok, where a sense of calm awaits to help you do it all over again tomorrow.

Bangkok is ready for you. Book your stay at the Capella Bangkok today.

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