Anchorage Has Alaska Adventures for Every Type of Traveler. Find Yours.


The wonders of travel come on a whole new scale in super-sized Alaska, beginning with its largest city. We partnered with Visit Anchorage to illuminate all the ways it’s pushing the boundaries of what a vacation can be.

Alaska is famous for adrenaline-packed adventure and unparalleled wildlife experiences that’ll render you speechless. But Anchorage, the state’s most populous city, offers so much more. Sure, you won’t have to travel far to get lost in nature—the city is home to about 1,500 moose, many of which have a habit of wandering into residents’ backyards. But here you’ll also find exceptional culture, from top-notch restaurants to a world-class symphony, not to mention om-worthy yoga and relaxing spa treatments. Looking to escape to more far-flung locales? Anchorage is a great jumping-off point to more awe-inspiring wonder than you know.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there’s an adventure in Anchorage that’s right up your alley. Find your travel passion below.

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The Gourmand

Have a hunger for next-level food and drink? Anchorage’s culinary scene is heating up in a major way. Local, flavor-packed ingredients—pulled from the clean waters of Anchorage’s pristine Cook Inlet or farther afield—take center stage at restaurants across the city. Kick things off at Snow City Cafe for a hearty breakfast of snow crab-topped omelet jacked with green onion, Swiss cheese, and avocado. Hankering for something sweet? Try the cinnamon rolls slathered in cream cheese frosting. (When President Obama rolled through town in 2015, he literally bought the cafe’s entire supply.) Afterward, pop into The Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar for some oysters, which range in flavor profile from sweet Kusshis to briny Hump Islands from Ketchikan. Come dinnertime, head to Tent City Taproom for local beers and elevated gastropub fare that’ll knock your socks off. Start with the crispy poutine, which features duck fat fries blanketed with braised short rib, and round out the meal with the halibut Alaskana, which comes topped with creme fraiche, smoked lemon pan jus, and braised fennel.

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The Family Crew

Looking to spend some bonding time as a family, far away from social media? Venture out into the wild. The five national parks that surround Anchorage—Denali, Kenai Fjords, Katmai, Lake Clark, and Wrangell-St. Elias—are packed with family-friendly thrills so engrossing, it’ll put a smile on the face of even the moodiest teen. Go for a family-bonding hike on any of the 250 miles-worth of trails inside the city, or get up close and personal with moose, elk, lynx, caribou, and more at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Got mountains on your mind? Grab the kiddos and trek up the Chugach Mountains for rafting, biking, ATVing, kayaking, fishing, and more—all activities that don’t require an internet connection.

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The Influencer

If you’re doing it for some unforgettable photographic moments, Anchorage is filled with eye-popping sights sure to be the talk of your social circle. Book a room at The Lakefront Anchorage Hotel for dazzling views of Lake Hood, otherwise known as the world’s busiest floatplane base, where you'll be treated to an all-day parade of two-seater aircrafts taking off and landing on the water. Be sure, too, to hit the Seward Highway, consistently ranked among the country’s most scenic waterside drives—it’s jam-packed with gorgeous backdrops for jealousy-inducing selfies. Don’t even get us started on the fantastic photo ops you’ll find at any of the 60 glaciers within a day’s travel of Anchorage. Best of all, the region gets up to 22 hours of functional daylight at summer’s peak, which means all the more time to craft that perfectly lit snap.

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The Passport Stamp Collector

Love the thrill of far-flung travel and exploring new and different cultures? We’ve got it here—no passport necessary. Experience authentic Indigenous lifestyles at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, which regularly hosts vibrant and moving song, dance, and sport performances of Native cultures from across Alaska, including Anchorage’s first inhabitants, the Dena’ina Athabascans. Used to hopping on a plane to discover remote wonderlands? Flightseeing—a.k.a. sightseeing by plane—is a big business here. It’s no wonder, since Alaska is the "flyingest" state in the country, with roughly six times as many pilots per capita as the rest of the U.S. Soar over the massive tide-water glaciers of the Prince William Sound, glide over the rugged snow-capped peaks of Denali, or fly into remote locations in Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks for guided bear viewing tours.

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The Yogi

Seeking serenity? Anchorage is a gateway to more serene places than you can imagine. Hit up Girdwood’s Alyeska Resort for a brand-new Nordic Spa experience in the arboreal serenity of the Chugach Mountains; guests will enjoy a variety of hydrotherapy treatments, including hot and cold plunge pools as well as barrel saunas—all under the dramatic peak of Mount Alyeska. Closer in, fitness hub The Alaska Club hosts energizing outdoor yoga sessions all summer long in downtown’s Delaney Park. Wind down afterward with a rejuvenating spa treatment at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa’s unique Ice Spa, which specializes in Alaska-focused treatments. Go for the Glacial Facial, a decadent experience that incorporates rich Arctic mud famous for its skin-softening and anti-aging properties.

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The Lovebirds

Romance with a twist of wonder is the prevailing theme of the best couples activities in and around Anchorage. Grab your honey and hop aboard the Alaska Railroad for breathtaking views of Alaska wildlife glimpsed through the train’s glass-domed ceilings. Splurge on Goldstar class tickets for complimentary cocktails like the Brown Bear, a potent mix of hot cocoa and Irish cream. Back in the city proper, score a reservation at the intimate Marx Bros Cafe, which offers romantic vibes in a cozy original townsite home. The world-class European fare includes hits like cedar-plank Cook Inlet king salmon, served atop lavender spaetzle, and house-made gnocchi blanketed with Alaska red king crab, crispy capicola, and a velvety gorgonzola mornay sauce. It’s the perfect entree for a night out with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, which has been around since before Alaska was even a state. Bunk at the most luxurious hotel in town, the Hotel Captain Cook, because what ignites passion more than jaw-dropping views of downtown Anchorage, the sparkling Cook Inlet, or the soaring Chugach Mountains?

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