From personal narratives on the voyage of self-discovery to first-person accounts detailing a bucket list trip, these essays offer a deep dive into the great impact of travel. 

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Seeing Cartagena Through the Eyes of Colombia's Most Famous Magical Realist
Following the footsteps of Gabriel García Márquez, one writer finds herself under a spell.
Visiting St. Barts During the Pandemic Changed How I Travel — Here's How
A COVID-era trip to the Caribbean island taught me the importance of taking it slow.
What It Means to Be an Asian Traveler Right Now — and Why It’s Important to Speak Out
“Ignorant anti-Asian, racist comments won’t stop me from traveling again, but I will prioritize safety with an added layer of precaution before going anywhere, something I always considered before, but not to this extent.”
This Year, My Tabanca for Trinidad Is Stronger Than Ever
Even more than the glitz of Carnival, one writer yearns for the unique local pleasures of Trinidad and Tobago.
As Italy Opens to International Travelers, One Local Reflects on the Return of Tourists
"Travel isn't simply about has a value and can give so much back, both to the traveler and the host."
On a Winter Trip to Ottawa, I Rediscovered the Joy of Ice Skating Through My Daughter’s Eyes
Though overlooked by many travelers, Ottawa offers beautiful winter scenery, multicultural cuisine—and the world's largest ice rink.

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The Pandemic, the City, and 7 P.M. — Reflections on New York in 2020
 “The particulars of this past season will always be novel, even by New York standards,” lifelong New Yorker Eliza Dumais writes of a year filled with masks, clanging pots and pans, “walktails,” openings, closings, reopenings, and reflection. 

Mail From My Mom in a Pandemic, an Ode to the USPS

In Paris, an expat reflects on the joy of receiving mail from her mom thousands of miles away.