From personal narratives on the voyage of self-discovery to first-person accounts detailing a bucket list trip, these essays offer a deep dive into the great impact of travel. 

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The Pandemic, the City, and 7 P.M. — Reflections on New York in 2020

 “The particulars of this past season will always be novel, even by New York standards,” lifelong New Yorker Eliza Dumais writes of a year filled with masks, clanging pots and pans, “walktails,” openings, closings, reopenings, and reflection. 

I Took an Overnight Train During the Pandemic — Here's What I Learned

After taking Amtrak's Coast Starlight train from Portland to Los Angeles during the pandemic, one traveler shares her experience of the 30-hour journey.

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How Coronavirus Helped This Full-time Traveler Rediscover the Power in Staying Still

 A travel writer shares her experience being forced to sit still while on lockdown in Vietnam.