This Fine-dining Experience in Germany Is Actually an Immersive Theme Park Ride

Eatrenalin is a multisensory experience that's part theme park ride, part fine-dining restaurant.

Guests enjoying the ocean room at Eatrenalin

Courtesy of Eatrenalin

What would happen if you combined an amusement park ride with an eight-course gourmet dining experience? The answer: Eatrenalin. Located on the border of France and Germany at Europa-Park, one of Europe’s most-visited theme parks, this self-proclaimed “restaurant of the future” combines fine dining with a floating chair ride vehicle that whisks diners away to several themed rooms. That’s right — guests sit in a ride vehicle that glides them from room to room for an over-the-top, multisensory meal that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

Eatrenalin's modern building exterior at dusk

Courtesy of Eatrenalin

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“You could say that Eatrenalin is a 360-degree gastronomy experience on a fine-dining level,” said Thomas Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and one of the visionaries behind the project.  Eatrenalin was inspired by travel and the belief that “you taste food and drinks differently depending on your environment,” said Mack. 

What kinds of environments will guests experience at Eatrenalin? Well, that remains a mystery. “We don’t want to say too much,” said Mack, “as I believe that Eatrenalin is a gastronomic experience you have to make for yourself.”

The seating and counter in the umami room at Eatrenalin

Courtesy of Eatrenalin

What we do know is that this experience includes 11 unique rooms. Some of the main rooms are inspired by themes such as the waters of the ocean, the rice fields of Asia, and the vastness of outer space. 

The experience includes an eight-course meal by head chef Pablo Montoro, a well-known culinary star in Spain. Two menus are available: the standard "Red Dimensions" and the plant-based "Green Dimensions.”

“Our goal is to make Eatrenalin a once-in-a-year experience,” said Mack. “To achieve that, we adjust the menu several times a year or offer special seasonal deals.” On May 1, the restaurant plans to change the menu for the first time since it opened on Nov. 4, 2022. 

A purple lit bar at Eatrenalin

Courtesy of Eatrenalin

So far guest feedback has been favorable. “The quality of the food and the experience overall gets very positive feedback which makes us proud,” said Mack.

If the Europa-Park location continues to be a success, there is potential for expansion around the world. “It was always the plan to bring the concept into metropolises around the world, especially to the U.S.A.,” said Mack. “The opportunities are almost endless, the menu, the media, the layout, it all can be changed individually and can be adjusted to suit any location.”

A woman wearing a dress of champagne glasses at Eatrenalin

Courtesy of Eatrenalin

If you don’t want to wait until Eatrenalin comes to a city near you, the Germany location is open Thursday to Monday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. The base price per person is 195 euros and includes the two-hour, eight-course dinner and a choice of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink pairing. Guests can upgrade their experience with an enhanced drinks package or opt for the sommelier or Champagne dinners. Tickets can be purchased on the Eatrenalin website

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