There's a reason Puerto Rico made our list of the Best Places to Travel in 2015. You've seen the photos—it's got sparkling beaches, tropical rainforests, and historic towns. There is an activity, perch, or bar stool for every kind of traveler, especially those willing to step out of their comfort zone to zip-line, taste a new local food, or try their hand at making make said local delicacy in a cooking class.

If you're looking to check out what the Caribbean has to offer, there are few breezier options than Puerto Rico. Travel deals pop up fairly consistently, and Americans don't need a passport to get there.

As it is with any city, some of the best scenes are set to the quiet soundtrack of rushing wind, breaking waves, or rustling leaves—or in this case, some chill music. To get this kind angle of Puerto Rico, we sent a drone up to find the best views. Join us on a four-minute aerial tour of the U.S. territory—it's the perfect mid-day break.