Get ready to start planning a trip.


You may not know the name, but you've likely seen at least part of Kakadu National Park: The natural wonder in Australia's Northern Territory served as an unforgettable backdrop in “Crocodile Dundee.”

The region is remote, and relatively difficult to get to: To fly to Darwin airport (the closest international option), U.S. travelers are unlikely to make less than two connections — for travel times upwards of 30 hours. And the park is still another three hours' drive from the airport.

But if you're wondering if it's worth the travel time, your answer is in the video above. And that answer is a resounding “Yes.”

The Aboriginal groups that own the land gave special permission for Tourism Northern Territory to take drone footage of the area. The resulting video is like a love letter to the planet — and especially the Australian continent.

Watching the video, we're having a hard time not booking a flight right now. Maybe one-way ... you know, to save some money.