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Give Travel + Leisure a few minutes, and we’ll show you the world. Though nothing beats the real thing, there are real virtues to armchair travel, and the videos that show destinations near and far from new perspectives. T+L’s destination videos open up hard-to-reach places around the globe, from the rooftops of Kyoto to untrod beaches in Puerto Rico, with whole mountain ranges and continents in between.Take a tour of a place — Istanbul, Beijing — you’ve always wanted to see, or learn about the top five things to do in a destination like Naples or Nantucket. Whether you’re already planning a getaway or simply indulging in daydreams, Travel + Leisure delivers video footage from all over the world to wherever you are.The video team at Travel + Leisure takes to the streets to record essential guides for cities, countries, and entire regions; to catch unusual perspectives of places that can sometimes feel well-trod; to recommend restaurants, galleries, and games; to interview winemakers, chefs, directors, and other pop-culture icons about the places and trips that inspire and inform them.Travel + Leisure captures both the blatantly beautiful as well as in-depth must-dos. Our destination videos have zoomed in on the street food of Ho Chi Minh City, the great piazza of Siena, the boutique hotels of Charleston, Lima’s innovative food scene, the vineyards of southern Australia, all the way to Finland’s rocky and beautiful archipelago.Travelers can even watch our exclusive videos to see inside Havana’s famous music venues, admire the palm tree-shaped islands of Dubai, and to explore Delhi’s rich architectural history. Just consider this a glimpse of your next vacation.Destination videos can show you the world from your screen. Follow Travel + Leisure’s writers, editors, and videographers as they scour the globe for the best footage and most stunning shots. For the information travelers need — and the images that inspire — T+L has the latest.

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