Australia: T+L’s 2020 Destination of the Year
Parts of Australia are currently battling unprecedented bushfires, and we at T+L are keeping the affected people and wildlife in our thoughts and hearts. As the communities look forward and rebuild, we also understand the key role tourism can play in recovery efforts. The reasons we chose Australia as our Destination of the Year remain truer than ever: the exuberant hospitality and otherworldly scenery are hard to beat, and there’s now a fresh energy spreading across the country. New experiences and hotels have opened up less-frequented destinations. Innovative chefs and winemakers are putting a global spin on native ingredients. And though there’s no denying it takes some time to get there, the recent addition of direct flights from Chicago, Houston, and London is making the journey easier than ever. Below you’ll find information on which parts of the country remain unaffected by the fires, plus immersive, T+L editor-curated trips for every state.