This Travel-friendly Firming Body Lotion Made My Skin Appear Smoother and More Supple in 1 Week

The travel writer-approved product helps hydrate, brighten, and tighten skin and comes in a compact tube so I can easily take it on trips.

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Lipo-Contour Body Toning Cream


Like my sense of style, my beauty routine has changed over the years — especially when it comes to the skin care products I bring along on a trip. These days, my top concern is dryness, which means that my toiletry bag is filled with hydrating moisturizers and body lotions to keep my sensitive, irritation-prone skin in check. However, I recently noticed uneven tone and texture, particularly around my legs and thighs, and, of course, this observation came two weeks before I had to wear a bridesmaid dress for a destination wedding. 

Hear me out: I know that bodies are different and beautiful and that cellulite and dimpled skin is completely normal and nothing to feel ashamed about. And it’s personal preference whether an individual wants to embrace their own skin or opt for ways to change, if that is going to make them feel more comfortable, confident, and happy — and there’s no right choice.  

For me, I didn’t have the time or funds to seek out a spray tan, laser treatment, or the lymphatic massage that the Internet and my friends suggested. I did, though, have the perfect window to try the Dermelect Lipo-Conquer Body Cream, which is priced at $45 and comes in a compact container that’s easy to travel with if you’re checking a suitcase. Carry-on fans can also easily transport it in a convenient travel bottle

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To buy:, $45 

The firming body lotion addresses crepey skin, cellulite, and other forms of uneven tone and texture using a blend of collagen-boosting ingredients such as vitamins A (retinol) and vitamin E, which work together to improve the suppleness of the skin. The formula also features caffeine to reduce blood flow to the skin and make it appear brighter and tighter,  temporarily smoothing out the appearance of stretch marks and dimpling. 

But unlike other retinol-based products, the Dermelect Lipo-Conquer Body Cream successfully minimizes signs of texture and creates firmer-looking skin without causing irritation or dryness — something that I was afraid of. That’s because it’s anchored with ginkgo biloba, a hydrating, antioxidant-rich ingredient that rejuvenates the skin and restores moisture. The lotion also has a luxurious texture that melts into the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky residue behind, making it the highlight of my skin care routine. 

Within my first usage, I noticed that my skin immediately felt smoother and softer, and looked slightly more firm — nothing too crazy, but enough to encourage me to want to continue using the product. After using the Dermelect Lipo-Conquer Body Cream for one week in the morning and at night, the cellulite on my left thigh became noticeably smaller. (Note: It didn’t make it fully disappear, but the body lotion definitely shrunk it in size and depth.) It also helped reduce any unevenness and redness in my skin and gave me more peace of mind about my dress situation.  

Similarly, other reviewers also began seeing results within one week of frequent usage, with more impressive improvements in tightening and firmness on the legs, arms, and stomach occurring well after two weeks. “It definitely delivers results,” one Dermelect customer wrote. “My loose skin on my abs tightened up just after a couple weeks of using the cream in the morning and at night.” 

Another reviewer shared, “It feels good to get some smoothing of your thighs and belly without aggressive or abusive approaches to your inner beauty awareness.” Chiming in, a third shopper said, “Sometimes I’ll skip a day, and my legs still look much better and younger. I am on my second jar of this cream and strongly recommend it.” Another buyer looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite added, “This has helped tone and tighten my legs with no irritation and I didn’t need to use a lot… [It] has definitely helped boost my confidence.” 

And, a final fan of the Lipo-Conquer Body Cream admitted, “I’m extremely happy I [tried it]  because not only did it help reduce and tighten my underarm sagging, but it practically eliminated the crepe appearance as well.” 

Long story short: It’s the best $45 I’ve ever spent on skin care and helped me to feel so much more confidence in my bridesmaid dress, so I’ll definitely be buying it again to use regularly and ahead of special events and vacations. If you’ve also been wanting smoother and firmer skin, it’s just one dollop away thanks to the Lipo-Conquer Body Cream. Get the travel-friendly body lotion for $45 at Dermelect today, and prepare to be amazed at how effective it is. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $45. 

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