This Hack for Delta Passengers Will Score You 2,500 Extra Miles

It's "the easiest 2,500 points of your life."

Looking to score more Delta SkyMiles? Just make a wish for your checked luggage to be a little late.

Recently, Vivian Tu, known as Your Rich BFF on social media, took to TikTok to share a valuable — but possibly unknown — piece of information for frequent Delta flyers who find themselves waiting at baggage claim.

"If you're traveling any time soon and you're worried that Delta's going to take forever to get you your bag once again, you're going to want to watch this," Tu — who has experience as a trader at JP Morgan and as a sales partner for Buzzfeed — stated in the video, further noting this could be the "easiest 2,500 points of your life."

"If your checked bag does not arrive at the carousel within 20 minutes or less of your domestic flight arriving, you're eligible to receive 2,500 bonus miles," she explained. " All you need to do is Google 'Delta 20 minute baggage' and fill out the form on their website no later than 3 days after your flight's arrival"

Or, click here because we did the Googling for you. 

"We're committed to providing you with reliable and on-time baggage service every time you fly," Delta noted on the form page. "That's why we're backing your bags with a guarantee: if your checked bag doesn't arrive at the carousel in 20 minutes or less after any domestic flight, you are eligible to receive 2,500 bonus miles."

Those looking to score some extra miles will already need to be a SkyMiles member, but as Tu noted it's free to sign-up.

Again, the bonus miles are only valid on domestic flights within the U.S. and Puerto Rico via flights operated by Delta and Delta Connection carriers.

Also, some more fine print, travelers are limited to one request per passenger, regardless of the number of checked bags that were delayed. Of course, you can expect Delta to double check the timing, as it noted, the "time to baggage claim will be as measured by Delta's baggage tracking system, where available."

Oversized and overweight baggage and special items are not eligible, so sorry, surfers and golfers, but your equipment doesn't count. See more about the offer and claim your miles here

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