David Hasselhoff Is Sharing His Love of European Train Travel by Planning a Trip for a Lucky Winner — How to Enter

The Hoff knows a good train ride when he sees it.

David Hasselhoff at his Tour 2023 press lunch at WACA Restaurant Motorworld Munich on October 18, 2022 in Munich, Germany.

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It's time for you to take a train trip through Europe. And David Hasselhoff agrees. 

The TV icon teamed up with Trainline, a train and coach booking app, to launch its Chief Conductor Contest, which will send one lucky winner on a railway trip through Europe — and the trip will be entirely curated by the Hoff.

"I like traveling by train for two reasons," Hasselhoff shared with Travel + Leisure. "One, it's very romantic. Two, it's a taste of Europe. Each time you pull into a new town or a new village, it's a different culture." 

Hasselhoff explained that while he's always adored Europe, it was his wife, Hayley Roberts, who made him fall in love with train travel. 

"My wife doesn't really like to fly. So, we ended up becoming train travel people," he said. "And it's amazing." 

As for where the duo loves to go, Hasselhoff quickly rattled off a list of destinations he and his wife adore — particularly loving the London-to-Paris route "because it's under the sea" and the London-to-Berlin route, as it takes him to his favorite destination, as well as London-to-Glasgow "because we can sleep on the train.

But one route, in particular, stole his heart: St. Moritz to Zurich. 

"The views are breathtaking," he said. "I went that trip and I went, 'Oh my God, this is incredible.'" 

As for how to live like the Hoff, all you need to do is enter to win Trainline's Chief Conductor contest.

Trainline's Chief Conductor will get the chance to go on many of those same routes, including London to Paris, but far beyond too, including a train ride from Barcelona to Madrid or Rome to Florence.

The winner will receive $2,500 in Trainline vouchers, a $5,000 travel stipend, a two-night stay in an unnamed luxury hotel, and plenty of merch signed by Hasselhoff (which, really, is reason enough to enter). Five runner-ups will also receive $500 travel stipends to put toward future European railway vacations. 

To enter, sign up on Trainline's contest page. Just don't forget to submit your 150-word response to "why you want to go on a European adventure, and who you would travel with," by April 27. Just pick your plus one and think of the perfect reason.  

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