By Alex Van Buren
October 07, 2015
Disney California Adventure
Credit: © Ian Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo

Disney roiled the world of the under-10 social strata this week, hiking the price of its “anytime,” no-blackout Disneyland and California Adventure passes from $779 to a breathtaking $1049. That’s a steep ticket, even for the happiest place on earth.

Here’s what else you could do with that cash, if you were curious:

28 Tubing Trips Down the Delaware River to Eat BBQ at the Floating Hot Dog Man

A family of five could raft down the Delaware five times! That’s a lot of hot dogs!(Note: We’ve done this day trip. It’s awesome.)

Escape to Bali

As of this writing, China Eastern Air had tickets from New York JFK to Denpasar and back for just over a grand. Think of the monkeys—the non-stuffed, non-Disney-themed monkeys!

131 Bowls of Pho

Assuming Vietnam’s famously excellent soup is priced around $8 a pop, that’s enough to keep you warm all winter long.

3 Chef's Choice Prix Fixe Dinners at Per Se

Plus $119 in cash left over.

4 Tickets to the Lion King, Statue of Liberty, and Tenement Museum, Plus Dinner in NYC

Splurge on four orchestra tickets to see the Lion King. Take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and show the kids the view of New York from her crown. Go to the Tenement Museum and take the “Shop Life” tour. You’ll still have almost $300 to blow on dinner.

35 Full Tanks of Gas

AAA pins the national average for a gallon at just under $2.30. If your tank holds 13 gallons, you can fill ‘er up a full 35 times before hitting that magical Disney mark.

Maybe Mickey and Goofy do road trips?