By Jesse Ashlock
April 02, 2015
The Salt of the Earth still
Credit: Courtesy of Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images / Sony Pictures

Wim Wenders’s new documentary, The Salt of the Earth, about the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado (pictured), offers two perspectives on the planet. First come Salgado’s travels to challenging places like Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Serbia, where his experiences documenting humanitarian catastrophes nearly made him put down his camera for good. Then, the film turns to Salgado’s second act: capturing the breathtaking landscapes of the Galápagos Islands, Patagonia, and his native country, where he led an effort to transform his parents’ scorched farmland back into rain forest. “There are no more empty spaces that nobody has been to,” says Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, his son and Wenders’s codirector. “But photographers can still cross frontiers. That’s the definition of an adventurer.”

Watch the trailer: