Well, that escalated quickly.

Remember, next time you're trying to take that perfect selfie, check your surroundings.

A woman who was visiting the 14th Factory art installation in Los Angeles must now pay $200,000 in damages after her assumed selfie-taking attempt took a terrible turn for the worse.

As seen in security camera footage, the woman crouched down for a photo and subsequently knocked over several statues in the museum, domino-style.

The video was released later by LiveLeak. The poor woman presumably lost her balance and unfortunately fell into the art display and knocked over 10 pedestals containing sculptures.

The Guardian reports that although it appears to be an accident, there are accusations the video was a stunt.

The exhibit the woman was visiting was entitled, “Hypercaine,” which consists of a series of crowns created in different mediums. The 14th Factory is a temporary art installation that is only open in Los Angeles until the end of July.

More information about the exhibit can be found on its website.

Perhaps some ropes around the artwork would be advised. Until then, use caution, art lovers.