By Cailey Rizzo
December 30, 2016

From its grid-pattern streets to its tiny alleyways, Melbourne is a city that seems to have it all, housing multiple contradictions. There are gigantic, glittering skyscrapers next to a rugged coastline and large green parks.

And filmmaker Face du Monde decided to capture what exactlymakes Melbourne the “World’s Most Pleasant City” (it was named “best place to live” for the sixth year in a row) in a beautiful four-minute video.

With drone footage that soars over the Half Moon Bay Cliffs, the footage quickly shows just how close Melburnians are to nature. But then it’s only a quick bike ride away to the city’s art scene.

Melbourne has been called the art capital of Australia. With a rich street art scene and impressive collection in the National Gallery of Victoria, it’s a city that embraces all sorts of cultural pursuits.

Visitors to Melbourne can choose to spend their time taking in the city’s diverse architecture, biking around downtown or just relaxing on a beach.

If the video triggers your wanderlust, be sure to check out Travel + Leisure’s Guide to Melbourne before booking a trip. Make a stop at one of the city’s famous coffeeshops, venture to nearby Brighton Beach or spend the day discovering all the secrets of Melbourne’s charming alleys. No matter which route you decide to go, there is plenty to do in the city down under.