This Trippy Installation in Las Vegas Is the Grocery Store of Your Nightmares

Omega Mart is the latest creation from Santa Fe-based Meow Wolf.

A trip to the grocery store has never been this creepy.

Omega Mart, an experiential art installation from Meow Wolf, is coming to AREA15 in Las Vegas in early 2021 — and it’s the unsettling, Lovecraftian nightmare (but in a good way) that you’ve been waiting for.

Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company that previously installed another explorable art installation in New Mexico called House of Eternal Return. Now, the team is bringing Las Vegas a similar experience, but with a more “commercial” twist. Much like House of Eternal Return (which explored a “peculiar Victorian manor”), Omega Mart has a rich storyline that explores the ins and outs of a grocery store.

a power drill made out of corn cobs
Courtesy of Meow Wolf

But this is no typical grocery store, the 52,000 square feet of space is full of strange and bizarre offerings, like fresh-cut flowers with teeth and eyes, anthropomorphic vegetables, and advertising displays for “magic meat” (only $1.99 a pound!), “half a heart,” and “nebula loaf,” according to a teaser video.

Pink flower with eyes and two sets of teeth
Courtesy of Meow Wolf

“Meow Wolf is thrilled to enter the vast and exciting creative realm of Las Vegas. Our exhibit will bring storytelling alive through a hands-on experience of art. Collaborating artists local to Las Vegas and from around the world – plus our forged team of storytellers, fabricators, and artists in Santa Fe – are creating an unforgettable experience,” said Marsi Gray, Senior Creative Producer of Omega Mart, in a statement. “We are on the innovative edge of what entertainment can be. We are in the business of transformative experiences. Participants of all ages can expect something entirely new from Meow Wolf’s popular House of Eternal Return, but will also enter fantastic worlds of story, humor, and spectacle if they accept our invitation – to play.”

Omega Mart is a collaboration of 50 visual and musical artists and artist groups from all over the world, including local Las Vegas residents and world-renowned artists alike, according to a statement from Meow Wolf. The incredibly detailed, one-of-a-kind experience is surely a “shopping trip” that you won’t soon forget. Meow Wolf also intends to create a third exhibition in Denver, also slated for 2021.

Tickets are not yet available for the Omega Mart exhibit, but anyone can sign up for updates on the Meow Wolf website, the Omega Mart website, or follow Omega Mart on Instagram.

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