Museums Are Battling on Twitter to Find Out Who Has the Artwork With the Best Butt

#BestMuseumBum is an online challenge we can all get behind.

Statue of man from behind
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Which of these statues is the true derrière extraordinaire?

Museums around the world are finding new ways to engage people online as the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep these institutions closed for the foreseeable future. While virtual exhibits are great ways for people to “travel” without really traveling, museum curators on social media also have a wealth of premium content that you might not get on a typical museum visit.

The hashtag #CuratorBattle began in April with curators sharing their museums’ “creepiest” items on Twitter. Since then, museums have been participating in monthly themes to share with the internet — and this last one was probably the best theme yet.

Recently, curators are competing to find the #BestMuseumBum, featuring all the best butts that you can find in museums across the globe, according to The Guardian. The Yorkshire Museum kicked off the challenge with a Roman statuette of an athlete, so naturally, it had quite the sculpted behind.

And while ancient statues were an obvious choice for many institutions, other museums also found more creative ways to submit. One museum posted photos of a bee’s magnificent thorax, another posted a photo of some sort of a human-fish hybrid statue, some posted paintings and drawings of animal bottoms, some posted photos of fossil and skeleton posteriors, and one even shared an “anti-Hitler” pin cushion. There are even submissions that show off butt-shaped objects for your entertainment.

The term “best” was also open for interpretation, with museums sharing the biggest, smallest, funniest, strangest, or just plain fascinating bottoms that can be found in their museums. There are no bad submissions here.

A few submissions also involve some crude humor. If there is anything to glean from this challenge, it’s that human society has always been obsessed with backsides and jokes about “passing gas.”

Other curator battle themes included “fantastic fakes,” “mystery objects,” and “tremendous transport,” according to The Guardian.

Take a look at all the submissions and have a good laugh by following the #BestMuseumBum hashtag on Twitter.

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