By Erika Owen
July 30, 2015
Credit: Germen Crew

A youth organization called Germen Crew completely transformed a hillside in Pachuca, Mexico. The result is much more than a pretty picture (although it most certainly is that). The group worked with residents to turn the space into a 20,000-square foot mural covering 209 buildings. This artwork is a swirling rainbow of colors that can only be described as eye-catching to passers-by and locals alike.

Germen Crew has been around for over a decade focusing on bettering public spaces through art and other social initiatives. In this particular endeavor, every household was involved in the color choices and direction of the mural through a number of social workshops. At the end of it all, more than 452 families benefitted from a fresh coat of paint and a newfound sense of community. Here are a few more shots of the mural from German Crew's Instagram account:

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