Foto Konbit, Boys Running
Credit: Myrmara Prophète

Thinking of a new way to give back during this festive time of year? Well look no further as an upcoming non-profit organization in Haiti is teaching the power of photography to its community. Foto Konbit, a relatively new organization centered in Port Au Prince, is helping Haitians of all ages create beautiful and inspiring images documenting their neighborhoods and hometowns.

Founded in late 2009 by a group of Haitian photographers and educators, Foto Konbit was developed with the ultimate goal of encouraging Haitians to explore their country through the creative lens of photography, while also teaching a new skill that could lead to an extra source of income.

Dismayed by the media portrayal of their country following the devastating earthquake of 2010, the efforts of the organization to establish photography workshops across the country grew exponentially in the aftermath, thereby enabling the Haitian community to “control their own representation” through photography.

Now, Haiti is starting to rebuild itself both demographically and creatively. Recently, T+L named Haiti one of the Best Places to Travel in 2015 in accordance with the rise of new resorts in Port-Au-Prince and Tortuga’s new cruise ship port. With the rebirth of Haitian tourism, Foto Konbit students have been able to sell their work to visitors searching for that memorable souvenir and with unique photos like these, they’ve found it.

How you can help: Foto Konbit is a certified 501(c)3 and established non profit organization. You can help Foto Konbit’s goal of expanding throughout the Haitian Diaspora by donating a new or used camera (both film and digital), purchasing an original Foto Konbit print, or by simply donating money through their website.

Kira Turnbull is a photo assistant at Travel + Leisure.